• Elizabeth Kemp

    Elizabeth Kemp

    💚We can count the times in our life when we believed in magic. Perhaps it was as a child when the world was big and holidays were meant for us and every event was a milestone. Or maybe as an artist it's when you open a new door of creation

    . But what about magical beings? Those rare people that many speak of but few are privileged to meet. People who walk with you through the darkest parts of yourself, but wait for you with shining bright light. People who sprinkle you with stardust as you watercolor your way through your dreams.

    If Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks were one woman and if David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix were one man... and that man and woman had a baby... she would be named Elizabeth Kemp, or as I liked to call her Ezalia. Her presence was unlike any other... almost angelic. Her voice could both soothe you to sleep or awaken you with a vengeance. And her style? Unmatched.

    Elizabeth Kemp  was not only my acting coach, she was the woman who resurrected me during my darkest of times and I am forever grateful. Her Dream Workshops live in me forever especially Woodstock 2015. A token from that workshop ( a green stone heart) hangs from my rearview mirror. It is the first thing I put in my car after I purchased it. From the moment I met her, Ezalia made me feel safe, protected, loved and free. So of course I wanted to have it and her with me every single day. Funny I found myself touching that 💚a few days ago....

    I am a wave of emotions and my heart is broken but I can't help but be reminded of what a privilege it has to been to witness such miracle. And I thank the universe for bringing that miracle into my life 4 years ago.

    I have a pair of her sneakers, I wear them every fall. It was such an honor to love, know and learn from you Ezalia, but oh what amazing dreams I will dream now when I walk in your shoes.

    There is not one day that will go by that I won't stand beneath the sun, close my eyes and hear you whisper "Take it in."

    I 💚you mad crazy Ezalia.

     Sweet dreams you beautiful dreamer.💚💚

  • Help: Hurricane Harvey

    I am always amazed by the resiliance of those in tough times. I am always inspired by people who find light at the end of the tunnel.

    This man and his son gave me so much hope. Jerimiah and Jermiah Jr... Thank you for reminding me of the resilance of people.

    Please visit  Red Cross and donate what you can.

    Sending so much love and light to the people affected by Hurrican Harvey, and thank you to those aiding them.


  • SoulStyle: AfroPunk 2017

    SoulStyle: AfroPunk 2017

    Can I just take a moment and give a round of applause to the gods and goddesses who showed up and showed out for AfroPunk in Booklyn this past weekend.

    Commodore Barry Park was filled with melain, magic, muses and soul! Every Monday following AfroPunk I'm kicking myself because once again I didn't go. But 2018... Afro Punk, it's me and you.

    I had to post some of my favorite images that not only left me gagging, but filled my heart. (Photos via NY Daily News, Gothamist and Brooklyn Vegan.)#ThisIsUs...

    All The Feels